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1977 Darcey Jech First Base Hon. Mention
1977 Gary Sipe Pitcher Hon. Mention
1977 Mike Martin Outfield 1st Team
1977 Leonard Brown Shortstop 2nd Team
1979 Fred Warner Pitcher 3rd Team
1980 Billy Irions Pitcher 1st Team
1981 Charlie Guinn Pitcher 1st Team
1981 Curtis Morgan Catcher 3rd Team
1982 Jose Tolentino First Base 1st Team
1982 Jamie Doughty Third Base 2nd Team
1982 Stacy Helms Pitcher 3rd Base
1983 Billy Jester Pitcher 1st Team
1984 Billy Jester Pitcher 1st Team
1984 Jim Richardson Shortstop 1st Team
1985 Brad Robinson Outfield 1st Team
1986 Dale DeVaughan Pitcher 3rd Team
1987 Jimmy Rogers Pitcher 1st Team
1987 Eddie Toledo First Base Hon. Mention
1988 James Byrd Shortstop 1st Team
1988 Wes Grisham First Base Hon. Mention
1989 Eliud Ortiz Second Base 1st Team
1990 Eric Myers Pitcher Hon. Mention
1990 Kelly Stinnett Catcher 1st Team
1990 Shane Halter Shortstop 2nd Team
1990 Chris Gies Pitcher Hon. Mention
1991 Jason Heath Outfield 2nd Team
1991 Lloyd Peever Pitcher 2nd Team
1992 Chad Tredaway Shortstop 1st Team
1992 Trey Rutledge Pitcher 2nd Team
1992 Jeff Stych DH Hon. Mention
1993 Ryan Franklin Pitcher 1st Team
1993 Chris Dean Second Base Hon. Mention
1994 Chris Dean Second Base 1st Team
1995 Danny Crawford Pitcher 2nd Team
1997 Bruce Sutton Outfield 1st Team
1998 Justin Welch Second Base 3rd Team
1998 Benoit Emond Outfield Hon. Mention
1999 Kade Johnson Catcher 1st Team
1999 Dany Scalabrini Second Base 3rd Team
1999 Pat Scalabrini Third Base Hon. Mention
2000 Allen Clay Shortstop  2nd Team
2000 Adam LaRoche First Base 3rd Team
2000 Paul Powell Outfield Hon. Mention
2001 William Lewis Jr. Infield 3rd Team
2002 C.J. Medlin Catcher 1st Team
2003 Jeff Morgan Pitcher 1st Team
2004 Cody Merrell Outfield Hon. Mention
2005 Bryant Beaver Third Base 2nd Team
2008 Joe Patterson Catcher 1st Team
2011 Wayland Moore Pitcher 3rd Team
2013 Kevin Hill Pitcher 2nd Team
2016 Abraham Toro-Hernandez Infield 1st Team
2016 Cameron Warren DH 1st Team
2016 Louis Pelletier Outfield Hon. Mention
2016 Xavier Freeman Infield Hon. Mention
2017 Jonathan LaCroix Outfield 1st Team
2017 Dalton Reed Infield 2nd Team
2018 Gunner Halter Infield Hon. Mention
2018 DeShawn Lookout Outfield Hon. Mention
2018 Dalton Reed Infield Hon. Mention
2019 Kevin Dickey LHP 1st Team
2020 Mack Chambers Infield 1st team
2023 Xavier Casserilla Infield 2nd Team